Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Best School Day, Ever!

In Chloe's kindergarten class, every day someone is chosen "Name of the Day."  That child gets to take home the class mascot, Morocco the Monkey.  Chloe's life-long two-week long dream has been to be chosen Name of the Day.  On Thursday, that dream came true!

The deal with Morocco is that you're supposed to write in his journal all of the super fun things you did together.  Morocco happened to come to our home when I was too busy to entertain guests.  We did the best we could.

"Remember that time we went swinging on the swings for a full minute?  F-U-N!"

"Remember when we helped your mom make popcorn and then she took it to someone else and didn't share with us?  She's so funny!"

"Remember that time your brother Miles pulled my pants down and then cried every time you tried to get me back from him.  I love silly games like that!"

"Your brother Harrison sure is good at video games.  I could have watched him play for hours!  Oh, wait--"

Luckily, Chloe's easy to please and she had a great time with Morocco.  That day, she handed me a folder full of papers and said, "You need to read all of these, sign them, and then I have to take them back to school tomorrow."  Specific instructions and 24 hours notice?  This is new.

In addition to all of our exciting adventures with Morocco, we also finished reading our latest book club book.  The kids decided they would like to read a book that wasn't made into a movie.  (Which was my secret wish all along.)  We read The Worst Best School Year Ever by Barbara Robinson.  It's the sequel to The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and features all of the same characters.  It was a fun book to read right as they started a new school year.  Funny, funny stuff.

6 Wisecracks:

Lindsay said...

You so make me laugh. Every time. And Chloe looks BEAUTIFUL in these pictures!

Heather said...

I agree with Lindsay! Morroco looks very happy at your place :)

allyn said...

speaking of funny, funny stuff. morocco looks so entertained in all of these pictures. nice that you gave him a pillow to sit on for his hours of video game watching.
i am proud of you for being so sly and enduring a year of books made into movies to be able to move on to non-books made into movies. brilliant!

Nicole said...

Morocco really does look thoroughly delighted by all these activities. No Pants Thursday, right? I thought everyone did that.

Wendy said...

man oh man! I miss your house and the fun things you do. (I think we have the exact same picture with Bradley and his mascot on that swing for a minute!

The Reiersens said...

Oh that Miles cracks me up!