Thursday, October 13, 2011

Country Folk

[While I still maintain that my husband is a genius, the hard drive transplant was not without its side effects.  The computer has been giving us a lot of trouble, especially when I try to do anything involving pictures.  It's made blogging and photo editing (which are normally super fun activities) really frustrating.  That's my excuse for blogging about something that happened two weeks ago.  Here's hoping the problemo is fixed.] 

Dr. Becky and Chloe

A couple of weeks ago, Jeff's department held its annual Fall picnic at Dr. Becky's farm miles from the city.  We look forward to this every year and this time I remembered to bring my camera.  It was a gorgeous day and getting out and enjoying nature (and barbecue) was just what we needed.

Becky's friends brought horses and all the little children lined up to take a ride. 

  Harrison told them he'd ridden a horse before, so they let him go fast.  Secretly the only other time he's ridden a horse was at last year's picnic.

My littlest buckaroo.

I'm on a horse!  First time!  It wasn't as easy as it looks in movies.  Cross that off my bucket list.

Probably my favorite father/son picture, ever.

Miles spent an hour throwing rocks in the lake.  Why do we buy them toys?

Being a princess, Chloe allowed Jeff and Dr. Dobson to row the canoe for her.

Becky and her husband took everyone on wagon rides around the property.  It was beautiful!  I took this picture from the other wagon.

She found this turkey feather on the ground.  Wild turkeys, ya'll.  That's how far into the country we were.

Harrison really took to the horseback riding.  Now he wants a horse.  One more dream I will have to squash.

The kids had Becky wrapped around their fingers.  She let Harrison drive her tiny jeep around the property.  This was after an entire day of horseback riding, canoeing, unlimited soda and s'mores, and playing catch with Dad.  Best day of his life.

14 Wisecracks:

Mom said...

So glad you took your camera! I think my favorite is the "littlest buckaroo". :) I'm pretty sure Uncle Wayne spent a third of his childhood throwing rocks in streams and lakes - we must not have had many toys. What a fun time for all of you!

allyn said...

these pictures are so perfect. what a beautiful day. what an awesome lady this dr. becky must be. harrison's horse does look like it is going fast. chloe doesn't look to sure about dr. dobson's abilities. and miles is as adorable as always.
thanks for taking the camera and sharing this!

Nicole said...

Was that really the first time you've ridden a horse? Who are your parents?! (Oh, yeah...) Glad you had your camera this time. Your kids look like they are good at riding horses. You should just get them a horse already.

Tammy and Alvin said...

Ask Dr. Becky if she wants to move to MD. What a fun day! I like your outfit - you totally look like you're in a movie and that it was the easiest thing ever. I can't believe your dad is an Idaho boy and you've never ridden a horse. Isn't that whole place farmland? ;)

You're kids are adorable!

elizabeth said...

What a lovely day.

melissa said...

Tammy and Alvin, I'm not 100% sure my dad has ever even ridden a horse. (Hmm. Ridden looks weird when I spell it. Is that even a word?) Not the outdoorsey type, that one.

Uno Kidney said...

i like how I had to look twice at the last picture because I was like: Why are Chloe and Harrison in that Jeep ALL BY THEMSELVES?
Well played.

Jess said...

I am almost tempted to go to a dude ranch and see if it's anywhere close to this experience- that looks perfect!

Patti said...

So much fun! I was laughing with delight as I scrolled down to each picture. What a great activity to have to look forward to every year!

Mom said...

Don't you remember that Dad has a scar on the back of his head from falling off a horse? :)

melissa said...

Ha! That took me a minute, Mom!

It's true, Tammy and Alvin. My dad has a scar from falling off of a one of those mechanical carousel horses in front of a grocery store. The horse was not turned on at the time.

KQ said...

You weren't kidding about us being twins! Your pictures are awesome. I would really like to have seen #1 your dad on a carousel horse in front of the grocery store and #2 him fall off. I first imagined this happening to him as an adult, but now I'm thinking it probably happened as a child. Adult would have been way more classic though.

Heather said...

Oh man, I wanna go to Dr. Becky's farm. Wow, beautiful pictures!! So peaceful.

The Reiersens said...

So glad you remembered your camera this year! That looks so fun!!