Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloweek--Our Little Monkey

Last week we started Halloweening with a church party at the park.   It was the first time the kids have had a chance to wear their Halloween costumes and they were so excited.  All except this guy:

My boy wakes me up every morning and asks if he can watch "George."  He can't get enough of Curious George 2--Follow that Monkey.  (I can.)  We read "Five Silly Monkeys" every afternoon at storytime.  Every time we sing "The Wheels on the Bus," he makes us sing "The monkey on the bus goes OOO-OOO-AAAAHHH!"  When I showed him his Halloween costume, I kind of expected a better reaction.
He was okay with the monkey suit, but he dared me to put the hood on his head.  I tried explaining that without the hood, he was just a weirdo with a banana in his back pocket.  He was unmoved.

I've enjoyed spending my days with this little monkey.  His verbal skills are increasing to the point when I almost always sometimes know what he might be talking about.  Most days I feel like I'm on a game show.  Our conversations go something like this:

Miles: Mommy, eish.  Eish, Mommy.  Eish.
Me: Eish?  What's that?
Miles:  Eish, Mommy. EISH!
Me: What is Eish?  Can you show me?
Miles: Yeah, Mommy show me.
Me: No, can YOU show Mommy?
Miles: Yeah, show Mommy.  [He leads me to the refrigerator and points to the milk.]  Eish, Mommy.  EISH!
Me: You want milk?
Miles: Yeah, Mommy!  EISH!  YEAH! YEAH!  EISH!  YEAH, MOMMY!

He's always so proud of me when I figure it out.

We lost his last pacifier and decided not to replace it.  After the longest week of my life, he stopped asking for it.  Victory!

He has a piece of candy in his mouth in all of these pictures, in case you were wondering about his sourpuss expression.

And . . . SCENE.

2 Wisecracks:

KQ said...

What a cute little monkey! I always get a little sad about how fast Lyla is growing up, but man it's nice when you can start to understand most of what your kid is saying to you.

Can't wait to see what your other kids are going to be for Halloween!

Nicole said...

Maybe he wanted to be The Man in the Yellow Hat. Eish! Love all those photos, the last one especially (as I'm sure you guessed).