Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One Last Peek

I know Halloween is old news by now, but I have a few more random pictures I wanted on the blog.  You don't have to look at them. 

Chloe got picked to be Name of the Day again at school and was able to bring Morocco home for a whole weekend!  Good thing he had a costume in his backpack.

We brought Morocco to a party at the park.  Here Chloe and Morocco are about to have a pumpkin rolling race. [Spoiler alert: Chloe won.]

On Saturday night, we had a trunk-or-treat at the church.  I was able to convince Miles to wear his monkey suit (sans hat) and he picked up on the deal pretty quickly.  Not sure why that guy is glaring at him.  Too cool for trunk-or-treat, I guess.

I'm glad he got to enjoy himself Saturday because he had a bit of a meltdown when we tried to get him in his costume for trick-or-treating last night.  He grabbed his bag and was ready to go out the door and get candy, but we told him it doesn't work like that.  (Later when I was out trick-or-treating with Chloe and Harrison, I ran into two families who weren't in costume at all and were out begging for candy with their pillowcases.  So . . . maybe it does work like that.)  We gave him a lollipop and sent him to bed early.  He didn't need more candy, anyway.  We've never had a kid who didn't want to dress up.  What to do?  What to do?

We had fun carving our pumpkins Sunday night.  Tears were minimal.

Jeff and Chloe's pumpkins.  This is the year I learned I don't like carving small pumpkins.

Melissa and Harrison's pumpkins.  I decided to pay tribute to the Cards in pumpkin.  I don't know if you heard, but they recently won the World Series.  It's kind of a big deal.  One of our trick-or-treaters had to have his picture taken with my pumpkin.  I tried not to let it go to my head.

Happy Halloweek!

5 Wisecracks:

Chelsea Monet said...

Ha! Love your Cards pumpkin!

Heather McKeon said...

I too love your Cardinals pumpkin. Very awesome.

Angie (Drowns) Kelly said...

Oh, Let it go to your head! It's true, you are pretty cool.

The Reiersens said...

Pretty awesome pumpkin!!!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, Harrison dressed as Ron Weasley = genuis. So cute. I wish someone would have sent me to bed early with a lollipop on Halloween ;)

P.S. Oh my goodness you are so funny. Your comment on my blog made me laugh. :) Yeah...don't be that impressed. Only one of the costumes are new. The rest I bought big last year!!