Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fathers and Sons. Mothers and Daughters.

Friday night was our church's annual Fathers and Sons Campout and it was the first year Miles could go.  (No diapers, says Jeff.)  Miles was pretty excited about getting crazy with the big boys.

This is pretty much what I picture them doing the whole time.  (I spy Jeff's toes.)

A week ago Harrison told me he needed to go to the store and buy a wrestling action figure.  As he has never expressed any interest in wrestling, this took me buy surprise.  Then he told me that everyone in his class is really into wrestling and they all bring "dolls" to school and trade them.  It reminded me of Amy March from Little Women telling her sisters she had to bring limes to trade at school.  ("It's nothing but limes now.")  I told him he could buy one with his own money.  Rather than buying the guy he wanted, he bought the guy he knew people would want.  Buy the end of the week he had three action figures, including the one he really wanted.  We're so proud.

The self-portrait: a sure sign you're having the best time ever.

The next morning Jeff gave Miles a Poptart for breakfast.  Miles looked at it and said, "Dat's cookie."

Everyone made it home alive and exhausted (another sign you had the best time ever).

Chloe and I had a great Girl's Night while the boys were away.  I introduced her to Taco Bell, the original Parent Trap movie, sample platters, and rainbow fingernail polish.  She spent most of the night talking about how much fun we were having and planning next year's Girl's Night.  Could she BE any easier to please?

3 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

I miss the father/sons, mother/daughter Friday at our house. When you said "sample platters" a picture of a Gilmore Girls party came into my head. What fun!

I'm also very impressed with Harrison's trading skills. Nicely done!

melissa said...

It was so Gilmore Girls of us! It always bothered me that they never actually ate all of that food. Especially at Luke's. I always wanted to scream "You forgot your cheeseburger!"

Nicole said...

I might need to use that photo of Miles standing in the tent door with bedface and a pop tart (aka "dat's cookie") as my screen saver.

Thanks for reminding me of my anxieties about Lorelei and Rory NEVER eating all that food they were forever ordering. Those two would be in the hospital with gastrointestinal problems ALL THE TIME if they really ate that way. BAH.