Friday, May 18, 2012

"Welcome to the Hall of Presidents!"

Harrison's class has been learning about presidents.  As a final project, each of them had to pick a president to research and write a report about him.  Then today each student dressed up as their chosen president and the class was set up as a wax museum.  The kids were frozen until we pushed a button and then they read their reports to us.

At first, Harrison chose William Henry Harrison, because they shared the name Harrison.  Then after we laughed and told him that the dude died weeks after his inauguration, Harrison changed his mind and chose Thomas Jefferson.

For weeks I wondered how I was going to make a Thomas Jefferson costume.  A couple of days ago, my friend said she had a tricorn hat and some more clothes I could take a look at.  I went to her attic where she dug out two huge bins filled with Revolutionary War-era clothing for men and women of all ages.  It turns out their family used to do war re-enactments.  Lucky me!

 The room was crazy loud because everyone was giving their reports at the same time.  We pretty much had to do what sweaty kid in the tie-dyed shirt did and just read over the kids' shoulders.

Harrison's costume was pretty awesome, but this one was great, too.

Miles was getting antsy, so we went outside and waited in the car until the end of school.  I took Harrison's regular clothes with me so he had to walk out like this.  Oh!  How I make me laugh!

"In matters of style, swim with the current;
In matters of principle, stand like a rock."
--Thomas Jefferson

9 Wisecracks:

KQ said...

I mean what are the chances of having a friend whose family did Revolutionary War re-enactments? Nice!

Patti said...

Exactly! I was blown away by his costume. Except for the part about not being able to hear anyone, I thought the idea of them standing as statues and then coming to life to read their reports was pretty clever. Also taking his street clothes to the car. Very clever.

allyn said...

That costume is amazing! The bush costume made me want to laugh really hard until ears came out, but I was all alone, so I didn't.
Awesome pictures.

elizabeth said...

Awesome!! All of it, love the costume and you always make me laugh.

Nicole said...

I had to share this post with my whole family b/c I was laughing too hard. Harrison is an ADORABLE patriot! The Founding Fathers would be proud.

Jess said...

Great Jefferson quote. That could have been on short report if he'd done President Harrison. :) Man, what are the chances having a neighbor with the exact costume you need? Lucky!

allyn said...

i forgot to ask when it was that tina turner was an american president. (see third picture down)

melissa said...

Right?! I don't remember who she was supposed to be, but she put a short gray wig on top of her huge mop of hair and it was pretty hilarious. That first boy is supposed to be George Washington. Fail!

Angie (Drowns) Kelly said...

Love! I made my kids do this when I taught second grade, but we just did any famous American. Not Tina Turner famous though...that would be awesome.