Sunday, January 6, 2013

January Book Review: Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

For Christmas Chloe received a one year membership to the Mommy and Me Book Club.  Every month she receives a new book that we read separately and discuss together during a girl's night out.  January's book was The Cupcake Club: Peace, Love, and Cupcakes.  On Saturday, Chloe and I had our first book club meeting at Jilly's Cupcake Bar and Cafe.

The Cupcake Club: Peace, Love, and Cupcakes was written by Sheryl Berk and her nine-year old cupcake-loving daughter, Carrie. (Carrie even reviews cupcakes on her blog HERE.) It's the story of a fourth grade girl named Kylie who can't seem to make friends or fit in (especially when mean, bullying Meredith is around) until she finds three more girls from the Island of Misfit Toys to start a baking club with her.  Cupcakes are baked.  Life lessons are learned.

I was worried that Santa may of overshot with this one, but Chloe loved it.  She liked reading about all of the delicious cupcakes the girls invented and was especially excited when she saw the recipes and tips included at the back of the book.  She said the only thing she didn't like or understand was why none of the other kids at school liked Kylie.

This book gave us a chance to talk about what you should do if someone is bullying you and how it makes other people feel when they're not included.  We talked about how getting revenge may seem like a great idea, but it won't make you feel better.  (Or maybe it will.  It just seems like it's not really working for Emily Thorne.)  Kylie moves to her new school in third grade and Chloe will be moving to a new school for third grade, so we talked about how it feels to be the new kid.

I think this book is perfect for girls age 8-10.  There were a lot of cheesy references to pop culture (Twilight, silly bands, etc.), but I think they'll make this book fun to read again ten years from now.  It was a great start to our book club and it gave us a reason to try some of Jilly's amazing cupcakes.  Chloe and I both chose the pink velvet cupcakes with cream cheese and caramel frosting, caramel filling, and praline topping.  Delicious!  As we were eating, Chloe noticed these symbols on the wall.

Are you kidding me?!  She said, "I'll get the book.  You take a picture."  Someone saw us taking this picture and said, "You have to show Jill your book!"  Jill (you know, of "Jilly's") came and talked to Chloe all about the book and about cupcakes.  Then we drove home with a sugar rush.

I can't wait to find out what we get to read in February!

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Patti said...

Whoa! When Chloe told me about the peace, love and cupcake stuff at the cupcake place I didn't realize they were these big symbols on the wall. That is really cool that Jill of "Jilly's" came out and talked to her. Your little book club is off to a great start, and those cupcakes looked AMAZING!

Josh and Diana Lee said...

Oh my gosh! You are the COOLEST mom in the world. What a fantastic idea. I am going to PIN this to my pinboard so I won't forget in 5 years. Melissa, you rock!

Catherine said...

The cupcake alone looks amazing! Can Jilly please come to NC?

If you're looking for another food book, one that we read for an Activity Day book club activity is called 'Everything on a Waffle' by Polly Horvath. It's adorable and you get to eat waffles! Score!

Love Mommy & Me Book Club reviews :)

Nicole said...

What a cute place. This book club idea is GOLD. You two are going to have so much fun. And Bridget will have so much fun doing it next year. Because I STEAL your ideas. I hope that's flattering instead of creepy.

allyn said...

this really is brilliant. chloe has a brilliant mother and chloe has such a kind heart that she wanted nothing else in the world for Christmas.

Andrea Lee U.R. said...

You are the best mom ever! No really, you are. I love this!!