Sunday, January 27, 2013

Talent Show and Tell

Last night my family participated in our church's annual talent show.  We have a very talented congregation and we have always enjoyed watching all of the displays of awesomeness each year.  (My sister organized a "Display of Awesomeness" night for her church.  Fantastic.)

I had the pleasure of singing with three other lovely ladies for a little Andrews Sisters number.  It was so fun!  I forgot how much I love singing in small groups.  It's definitely where I feel most comfortable.  We sang a song called "Shoo Shoo, Baby."  I'm not 100% sure what it's about, but it reminded me of my sister, Allyn, so this one's for her.

Sarah, Melissa, Dayna, and Laura.  We're so patriotic.  Except Dayna.  And I salute weird.  So I guess just Sarah and Laura are patriotic.

The second they announced the talent show auditions last month, Chloe turned to me and said, "I'll go sign us up!"  What the-?  I said, "What are we going to do?"  She suggested that she could dance and I could sing, or we could play the piano, or I could play the piano and she could sing.  So I found something where she could play the piano, dance, and sing.  That way all the other little girls at church would know that she's a triple threat.

I'll admit that I had my doubts about this number.  Especially when we had to audition without Jeff and Chloe was dancing around in her mismatched pajamas and rain boots.  It was like a weird SNL sketch.  I kept assuring them that they just needed to see it under the lights. 

Then last night when I turned around and saw her dancing I got a little choked up.  She was just so sweet!  I had a hard time finishing the song and had to compose myself once we got offstage.

I love that she's so eager to share these moments with me.  I love that she can get up in front of a crowd of people and do this at seven years old.  Do you know what I would do onstage at seven years old?  Cry and leave.  I also love that my husband plays the piano so beautifully. 

Harrison had the distinct honor of being last to perform in a very long talent show.  (Today I mentioned to my friend that the show was long and she said she once sat through a talent show that lasted over three hours.  She said the last performance was a bass guitar solo that went on for 30 minutes.  Pahahaha!)  I thought Harrison would be a pile of nerves about having to go last, but then I remembered that he ain't scared of anything.  Truly.  He used to be scared of dogs, but now he's scared of nothing. 
He fell in love with the song "In Dreams" from The Lord of the Rings and we've heard it overandoverandover for the last month.  He's always eager to perform for others and be in the spotlight.  I'm not sure where he gets his confidence.

The emcee, Scott, brought Harrison out for a little pre-performance interview.  Scott also stepped in and held Harrison's music in place.  Thanks, man.  (At least Harrison didn't have a toddler crawling all over him during his song like Sarah's husband!) 

We all had a great time performing and watching everyone else perform.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate Paul Newman Day than putting on a show.  I hope your celebrations were equally awesome.

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allyn said...

Thanks for the navy send-off song. I hope to never have to sing it...EVER. You 4 sound fabulous! Very impressive. When you were describing chloe's dream talent event, it sounded like the cutest thing ever. It absolutely WAS the cutest thing ever.
Harrison performed well, also. Did he really need that music? He secretly was scared.


Patti said...

I agree with Allyn - Shoo Shoo Baby was fantastic! Chloe was adorable, with the help of stellar performances by Mom and Dad. Harrison said it wasn't his best performance ever, but I thought he did a great job. Well done guys!

Elder Ben Everett said...

I used to sing "Goodnight My Someone" to my kids when I tucked them in at night. So sweet to hear you and Chloe sing it!

A Woman of a Certain Age said...

That last was posted by Elder Everett's mom who obviously has issues with posting properly!11

Melanie said...

We really should do a Maxwell Talent show...staring you guys...and maybe a little dance from guys are amazing...I wish I was you

Jess said...

You talented folks. I think I loved the Chloe triple threat number the best. She's a shoe-in for your Disney channel show.

Chelsea Dyreng said...

wow, that was great, Melissa. I loved your shoo-shoo number. That looked like it was a lot of fun. But I LOVED LOVED the number you came up with to help Chloe get her singing/dancing/playing the piano fix. You are a genius! Way to showcase her talents (and yours and Jeffs). That was a priceless performance.

Nicole said...

So precious. I love Chloe's uninhibited performance. All of the numbers were so great! You're doing it. :)