Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fortunate Friendship

This is my friend Emily.
Emily and I were besties in college, but after graduation she moved out to L.A. and became famous, so we don't hang out as much.  Emily is a stand up comedian and a writer on the Chelsea Lately show.  She was doing a stand up show at WashU on Saturday, so we partied like Midwesterners all afternoon.
First I showed her the sight.  (Yep.  There's just one.)  Then I brought her to my house where my children insisted on singing every song they know and playing the piano for hours.  She acted like it wasn't the worst.  Miles leaned over to me and said, "Mommy, can she stay for dinner?"  I said she could and he said, "YES!  Mommy said yes!"  During dinner Emily took the time to warn us that college shows are usually horrible and we should brace ourselves for an awkward evening.  She said that turnout is usually lame and because it was also mardi gras, we could expect her to be doing her act for about five people in a cafeteria.  Our expectations were sufficiently lowered.
Well, it turns out Emily has fans and they use social media.  There were a good number of people  in the audience and some of them had driven an hour to be there.  Emily (who performs under the name"Fortune") was pretty freaking awesome.  She was totally hilarious and really great with the crowd.  Jeff and I didn't have to use our fake pity laughs once.  Those kids were smitten.  (And so were the random table full of old people who showed up.  Wha?)
Here are a few of her fans waiting to get her autograph and giggle at everything she says.  It was so sweet.  A couple of the kids walked away saying, "Oh my gosh!  I LOVE her!  Are you just giddy right now?  I'm so giddy!  She's just so funny!"  Awesomesauce.
While we waited for her fans to clear out, Jeff got up on stage and did his impression of Emily.  (What are they pointing at?)
Yeah. . . so basically we spent the rest of the night pointing at Emily.  I took that (autographed!) poster home and put it on the fridge.  This morning Miles looked at it and said, "She was funny.  She had dinner with us.  Mommy said yes."  Yep.  That pretty much sums it up.
Thanks for coming to The Lou, friend!  Come back soon.  I'll show you the other sight.  (That was a lie.  There's no other sight.)

2 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

I love me some Emily! I realized I was smiling and giggling myself through the whole post. What a fun visit!

Catherine said...

Having famous friends is the awesomest! I have loved Emily since high school (obvi)so it's been fun watching her career grow. Like Miss Patti I was so happy for you and this joyous reunion!