Monday, February 18, 2013

I Heart Kids

Last Thursday I got to go to Harrison's class Valentine's Day party at school.  I'm not great at volunteering to help out at my kids' school and every time I do it, I remember why.  Kids are crazy. 

How do their teachers do it?  When we left, it looked like a tornado had hit.  I'll bet school janitors just looooovvvveeee Valentine's Day.
Miles wasn't feeling well that day, but he sat quietly through Bingo.  Harrison made a big fuss over him and his friends said, "So this is the famous Miles?"  Sweet brotherly love.  I'm pretty sure Harrison's red lips are from red frosting and not from smooching.  (Sidenote: the mother who brought the cupcakes accidently tripped on her way in and the cupcakes all got smashed to one side of the container.  It was a mess and she felt horrible.  Especially after her daughter said, "I hate you!  You ruined everything!"  Kids are crazy.)


Yay for mustache tattoo valentines!

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Patti said...

Wowsers! That first picture is scary! And that girl who hated her mother. Oh dear! The rest of the blog reminds us that your children are adorable. Whew!