Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mom Camp

Did I tell you my brilliant plan to survive the summer?  It was total genius.  We can't afford to send our kids to camps, so I decided I would have "Mom Camp" and teach them everything I know in one summer.  High-five!  I made a list of different camps I could do and the kids chose what they wanted to learn.  We started with Cooking Camp.

On Day One we learned about the food groups and I taught them to make breakfast.  Harrison is now our resident pancake maker and Chloe takes care of the scrambled eggs.  We also made some fruit smoothies.  Now I just have to teach them how to make hash browns covered and chunked and they can get a job at the Waffle House and start bringing home the bacon.

On Day Two I taught Harrison how to make rolls and Chloe and Miles helped me with freezer jam after we went to a local fruit stand.  Another cooking camp triumph!

On Day Three we did French toast and syrup, because I had some stale bread and had forgotten about cooking camp.

On Day Four they made homemade spaghetti sauce with homemade meatballs for dinner.  It was delicious and I was so proud of them. 

On Day Five we went to the pool.

The next week, my amazing friend, Mandi, hosted a soccer camp at the elementary school near her home.  She invited all her friends to bring their kids to the soccer field for an hour every morning while she taught them the basics of soccer.  Here's the kicker (See what I did there?): she seemed to enjoy it.
Mandi told me she should have been a P.E. teacher.  I think anyone who has ever said that out loud should definitely be a P.E. teacher.

Soccer camp was the greatest week of Miles' life.  He slept in his shoes and called them his "soccer camp" shoes for the rest of the month.

Mandi wisely split the kids up into different age groups and had her lovely assistants do some drills with the kids.  Thanks, Laura and April!

Even Chloe and Harrison couldn't resist the fun of soccer camp.  She's not usually eager to participate in sports and Harrison is older than the other kids.  Mandi let him help out with drills, too.  She's the genius.

That weekend we went to Chicago and it was really fun.  The week after that I went to Girl's Camp.  That weekend, the Bloomfields came for a visit.  I believe it was the next week that I realized I do not have the energy of five 18 year-olds and my dream of doing Mom Camps all summer officially died.  We went to the pool.  We went to the zoo.  We went to the beach.  We played video games and the kids discovered Gilmore Girls.  We survived the summer, even without my brilliant plan.  Next summer I'm hiring Mandi to come up with my brilliant plan.

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Jess said...

Now THAT is a Summer. Mine stunk, so I am kind of jealous of yours. I am massively impressed with your Mom Camps. :) And that your kids will watch Gilmore Girls.

Patti said...

A triumph my dear, a triumph!

Katy said...

You are BRILLIANT!!! You need year-round school so that you can do Mom Camp for 3 weeks, then send them back to school full of "street" knowledge. Thanks for the great idea! My kids are tracking out soon, what were your other ideas for camp weeks? We do Music Camp every week of our lives.

melissa said...

No, see, it wasn't brilliant. It was exhausting.

We also did Family History Camp (sorta kinda) where we made a family tree and talked about a different side of the family every day. I counted the Chicago trip as Furniss History Camp.

We planned to do Science Camp and I even pinned a bunch of fun experiments on Pinterest. We were also going to do a craft camp.

Good luck!

Lizette said...

MINE IS STILL GOING!!! ARG. September 3rd cannot come soon enough. Maybe I will go ahead and copy your mom camp...for like a day. :D

Matt said...
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