Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cute Kids in Sweaters

Since the day Santa brought me my portrait lens I have been aching to dress my kids up and take a million pictures of them.  Snow kind of ruined that for me for a few weeks.  The kids are actually out of school again today with a snow day, but that's okay.  Yesterday it finally warmed up enough for me to bribe them with Yogurtland and take their pictures.  Huzzah!
I took the kids to Laumeier Sculpture Park in Sunset Hills.  I don't really "get" sculptures, but there are a lot of nice spots for photographs there, even in the dead of winter.  

Harrison has been really delightful, lately.  He jokes around with us a lot, but has also become very responsible.  I just want to pinch his cheeks!

Chloe recently got a new haircut.  I think it suits her well.  She's always so cooperative when I want to take pictures of her.  Teacher's pet!

Oh, Miles.  I always count myself lucky if I can get a not-crazy picture of this kid.  These poses are all his own.

Get it?!

Sometimes I'm a little too good at getting them to smile.  Why must I be so hilarious?!

These kids will do anything for frozen yogurt.

7 Wisecracks:

allyn said...

Harrison is quite photogenic, too. Ad that to his list of good qualities. He needs to come over here and teach Adam how to be funny and responsible. And thanks for sending the snow out way, finally. Banks is getting a pretty unusual gift for his bday. School being cancelled, that is. Your children are beautiful and your photos of them are, as well. Why MUST you be so hilarious?

Patti said...

Allyn nailed it! Your children are beautiful and your photos of them are, as well. Being hilarious is just part of who you are. You must!

Ellee Peterson said...

I love these pictures! What type of portrait lens did you get/use?

melissa said...

Thanks, Ellee! It's a Nikon 85mm f/ 1.8.

Cegan Hansen said...

Beautiful! You two have some of the cutest kids I know. What a perfect day. Days like that are hard to come by in January here. Thanks Chloe for the loveliness! Miles cracks me up. And Harrison reminds me so much of my brother, such a handsome little fellow!

Tammy and Alvin said...

If we hire you as a photographer, can you make our kids look that cute?! You're awesome with a camera!

Wendy said...

awe, I heart you too.