Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valenniversary!

This morning Miles said to me, "Today is Opposite Day.  So today is NOT Opposite Day.  DON'T got it, Mom?  Okay, Mom, let's NOT do this!"

This weekend is a special time for us.  With Opposite Day, Valentine's Day, and our anniversary two days apart, we're all about the love in February.  Jeff would be uber embarrassed if I listed all the things I loved about him on the Internet (especially since #6 through #13 are body parts), but I did want to make it known that every day I'm more and more grateful that I married him.

Thank you, Jeff, for making me laugh every day.  Thank you for doing the laundry for the past 12 years without complaint.  Thank you for bringing home the bacon and eating it even when it's burned.  Thank you for fixing everything and for remaining calm when something breaks.  (This is why we can't have nice things.)  Thank you for sleeping in the creepy, freezing basement when you're on call so that you don't wake us up.  Thank you for talking to me about The Sports like I totally know what you're saying.  Thank you for setting my alarm for me every morning, knowing that I would definitely forget to do it myself.  For this, and many other reasons, I say thank you and remind you that you're not allowed to die.  (I have no idea how to install anything electrical in our house without you.)

Most of all, thank you for these three darlings.  (We made them!)  I'm 78% sure we haven't ruined them, yet.  I think with you as their dad, they have a real shot at being awesome.  Fingers crossed.

Happy Valenniversary!  Let's NOT do this for 12 more years!

3 Wisecracks:

Jess said...

Happy Valenniversary! I love the pictures! I also do not know how to install anything electrical. Too complicated. :)

Patti said...

Oh my. What a not sweet post. I hope you do not have a happy weekend celebrating not wonderful all of you!

Scott said...

Jeff says "I can't believe my body parts only made #6"