Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love Is All Around

Remember that lovely theme song from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show?"  They just don't write theme songs like they used to.  Shame.

Anyway, this month has been very sweet, so far.  Last year I bought these mail boxes at Target and filled them with Valentines every day leading up to February 14th.  When I put them out with all the rest of the Valentine's Day decorations, Chloe and Miles immediately got to work making notes for everyone.

They would put a note in someone's mailbox and then run over to that person and yell, "CHECK YOUR MAILBOX!  YOU HAVE MAIL!  CHECK YOUR MAILBOX!  LOOK INSIDE!  THERE'S MAIL!"

It was very sweet.  (And very loud.) 

They also had fun making Valentines for all of their classmates.

Valentine's Day when you're a little kid is awesome.  Everyone gets a Valentine from everyone and nobody spends the evening alone eating ice cream and watching a Rachel McAdams movie.

Harrison had the best basketball game of his career on Saturday.  Yay!  (I mention this because he's wearing his uniform, see.)

On Monday morning, my car wouldn't start.  The other neighbor kids had already left for school and I stood in my driveway wondering what on earth I should do.  The old lady next door kindly handed me the keys to her car and said she'd watch Miles while I took the kids to school.  Thanks, old lady!  I treasure ye!

2 Wisecracks:

Patti said...

That is SO SWEET! And I'm not just talking about your fun valentine deliveries. What a lovely neighbor.

Cegan Hansen said...

What a cute idea, I'll have to remember this when our kids are old enough to write their own Valentines.
That must have been Miles' dear friend. What a fabulous woman. : )