Monday, May 26, 2014

Be True To Your School

Friday was the kids' last day of school!  They were pretty excited that morning.

Miles has been attending preschool at Miss Glori's home.  Miss Glori is Davy's mom and that's how they got to be buddies.  Miles has learned so much and had such a great time at preschool.  It's been wonderful for him to have some time away from his family to learn how to be his own person.  The Busy Bees had a swim party on their last day of school.

Clara and Henry.  She's convinced they're getting married.

Henry's sister, Millie.  I kind of want to eat her.

Miss Glori gave each of the kids a giant cupcake with their graduation year on it.

Licking all the frosting off without getting any cake can be tricky business.

Davy's brother Danny.  I want to eat him, too.  

Harrison and Chloe said goodbye to Avery Elementary School that evening.  They look so grown up, don't they?

On the last day of school every year at Avery they have a Blacktop Ball where kids sign each other's shirts, eat snow cones, and have a hula hoop contest.  This girl just walked up to Harrison and started signing his shirt.  Mighty presumptuous.

Chloe had a strong showing at the hula hoop contest, making it to the Double Hoop Round before choking.

Miles planted himself at the back door with a bowl full of cheese puffs.  Dignity.  Always dignity.

Harrison made it to Double Hoop Round, also.  Skillz.

Chloe had her first rainbow snow cone.  How is that possible?  Where did I go wrong?

Miles was fortunate enough to find another cozy spot to eat his junk food.

The fifth graders were all giddy that night.  They're all so excited to move on to middle school next year.  All except Harrison, because sixth grade is still elementary school in Arizona.  Poor kid.

Chloe and one of her bestie/neighbors, Natalie.  Yes, they're the same age.  

Blacktop Ball 2012.  I guess Chloe's always been a giant.

Miles took a break from eating sticky food long enough to play with his best bud Nolan (Natalie's brother).

Once the Blacktop Ball ended, we started making our way to the car and that's when it sunk in for the kids.  They realized it was the last time they would be at their school with all of their friends and the sadness was overwhelming.  We all had a good cry about it.  Except Miles,who doesn't seem to understand what's happening.  ("Ugh!  All this crying is giving me a HEADACHE!")
Secretly this is how they all felt about the last day of school.

They also had to say goodbye to our neighbors, Molly and Ben.  That was rough.  I doubt we'll be lucky enough to have besties like Molly and Ben and Natalie and Nolan living on our new street, but I sure hope they make some good friends quickly because there's nothing sadder than sad kids.

2 Wisecracks:

Nicole said...

How is Chloe so tall?! I want to hold all your kids and tell them it's only going to be sad for a little while. I know you're doing that, but I still want to. They're making me sad. Except Miles. He's just curing me of wanting to eat junk food for a while. Sitting on a blacktop? Who knew, but that totally takes the shine off chips for me.

Patti said...

Good friends, great school, fun times! I'm happy for my St. Louis memories and sad that I'll never be back, yet excited for Gilbert experiences to come. I hope Harrison and Chloe are starting to feel that a little bit. Moving is hard!