Monday, September 15, 2014

The Calm Before the Storm

Today I looked at my calendar and saw that life is about to get busy for our family.  (Like, CRAZY busy.)  That will be new and exciting, because we've enjoyed a lot of uneventful days, lately.  For example, last Sunday the kids made a pyramid and told me to take a picture.

It was the most excitement we had seen in a while.

That night it rainedandrainedandrained until it couldn't rain any more.  On Monday we got more rain than we usually get during July, August, and September combined.  They had to close some schools because of flooding.  BTDubbs, this is a park.

It was a mess!  The freeway was shut down and we saw several cars abandoned in flooded parking lots.  It's just so hard to tell how deep the water is when you're trying to drive through it.  The good news is, it stopped raining by Noon and most of the water had dried by evening.

It's a good thing, too, because the boys had some important matters to attend to.  Jeff, Harrison, and Jeff's cousin, BJ, went to an Arizona Cardinals football game Monday night.  Everyone's dreams came true.

Chloe and Miles and I ate donuts and then went to the park.  So . . . that's cool, too, I guess.  This lake was a soccer field the day before.  Firemen were stationed nearby to make sure no one tried to get in.  Safety first.

So, we're kind of boring.  But just you wait!  Next time I write, I'm almost certain I won't have to restrict my comments to the weather and the condition of the roads.

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Patti said...

So happy for your lull. Guess it's time to buckle up again. Enjoy the ride!