Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Just a Little Bit of Fall

One main focus of our trip was to experience Fall, since we don't really get that sort of thing here in Arizona.  My mom was so good to indulge all of my autumnal requests.
Mom made us pumpkin pancakes and hazelnut hot cocoa for breakfast.  Perfection.

Then she took us to a farm with a corn maze and a pumpkin patch and a playground.

Harrison and Miles got a head start in the two mile corn maze and finished way before us.  (Or, as Miles put it, they "totally dominated" us.)

The corn maze was filled with agriculture and Idaho related trivia.  If you got the answer right, you would move on.  If you guessed wrong, you were led to a dead end. 

It turns out Chloe, Mom and I know next to nothing about agriculture and Idaho.

After the eternal corn maze, we hitched a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch.

Mom put her bossypants on and told the kids which pumpkins would look best on her porch.

Harrison enjoyed sawing the pumpkins from their stems.  He even sawed some we didn't intend to take with us.  Oops.

Chloe named this pumpkin and was super sad when I said we had to leave it at Grandma's.

Success!  (Except for the part where Miles got a nasty scrape on his leg from some pumpkin vines.  That distant screaming you heard on October 10th?  That was Miles.)

The only Fall activity left was playing in the leaves.  Mom and Dad didn't have any leaves, so I took the kids to a neighbor's house.  

Without any prompting, the kids got to work raking the leaves.

Enjoy your fall, ya'll!  

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Patti said...

All your fall needs fulfilled! I forgot you don't really get one in AZ.