Monday, November 10, 2014

Birthday Sparkles

Our little Chloe Belle turned nine on Saturday.  This year was a party year for her (we do friend parties every other year), so she invited a few friends to Girly Girlz (Which, believe it or not, is NOT a strip club.) to have some fun in the Diva Day Spa.
Can you believe this place?  Totally out of control, but totally perfect for a group of giggly girls.  Each girl got to choose a hairstyle from their book of styles.

Chloe and her friend Andi chose the "hula" style.  They sprayed their hair, and then dumped some glitter on it.

The girls got their nails painted and then covered in glitter.

Mari liked the decor.

Valeria chose the "cowgirl" hairstyle.  I love that her shirt says "Glitter is my favorite color."  (In this picture, she's trying to wipe all the glitter off of her hands.)

Mari chose the "princess" hairstyle. 

Since we had a little time after they got their glitter lip gloss and glitter eye shadow, I let them get glitter tattoos.  Andi said she didn't want one until she learned that it would wash off.  (Ha!  What if I let them get real tattoos?!)

I was surprised there was any glitter left in the world after that.  

Sasha came a little late because she had a soccer game.  The women turned her into a princess in record time.

While they waited for Sasha, the other girls got up on stage with Ross Lynch and some guy from One Direction while they sang Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."  Mari knew all the words to every single Swifty song they played.  Could they BE more nine?

I think they liked it.

After Girly Girlz, we went back to our house and had cake and ice cream and presents in the backyard.  That was pretty exciting for Chloe, because it's not usually 85 degrees on her birthday.

Can you guess who the ten year old is in this picture?  Chloe's hoping her friends catch up to her height soon.  These sweet girls have taken Chloe in as a best friend from the moment they met.  I'm so grateful for their kindness.  It's made moving a lot easier for Chloe.  Being nine can be hard, unless you have friends and glitter.

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Patti said...

What a fun party, and what a fun job! The glitter might get to you after a while, but doing other girls' hair is what half the YW would do at camp all day if nothing else was going on. I already love those girls because they reached out to Chloe. That doesn't always happen. Kudos to them!