Monday, November 3, 2014


We had a wonderful Halloweek and the candy is still flowing like rain.  Hooray!

Miles decided to be Batman this year, which is perfect because I love buying things on Amazon.  This boy LOVED suiting up and even slept in his costume a few times.  My favorite thing is walking into a room and seeing Batman watching cartoons or eating cereal.  Crazy cute.

I wanted to get some pictures of him running through dark alleys ("Mom of the Year!" quoth Jeff.), but it turns out our town doesn't have a seedy underbelly.  I had to settle for the police station.

Superhero life is rough.

"You wanna get nuts?  Come on!  Let's get nuts!"

He's got this.

I thought it would be hilarious if Harrison was Robin, but Harrison said, "Mom!  Do you know what Robin wears?!"  No, I did not.  (Green briefs with no pants.  What the?!)  I found this lazy women's costume and thought that would also be funny, but it turned out to be more "Motherboy" than funny.  Miles said we looked cool together, so whatevs.

Chloe decided she wanted to be Princess Anna from "Frozen".  Yes, I know.  Super original.  But I was secretly excited that she didn't feel like she was too old to dress up like a Disney princess.  She's getting way too grown up for me.

I made her that necklace and watched some tutorials to get her hair looking fancypants.  A little girl at the park where we took these pictures thought that Chloe was the real Anna.  Nailed it.

This girl and her costumed friends asked if they could get a picture with Chloe.  Nervous laughter ensued.  She said she was going to be Elsa for Halloween.  I asked how many Halloween costumes one needed and her friend replied, "We're cosplayers!  Every day is Halloween!"  So that's fun.

I bought Chloe an Anna dress from eBay and it shipped from China.  It was the perfect size for an American five year old.  Chloe fell in love with the dress, even though it was clearly way too small.  Chloe is very tall for her age, and they don't make this dress in her size.  I ended  up buying another dress (also too small) and pinning it to the leotard she wore underneath it.

For the first time in forever I got to dress her up like a princess.  

Harrison's at a rough age for Halloween.  He still wants candy, but he doesn't want to dress like a superhero to get it.  After oh so much thought, he decided to recycle last year's banana costume and go as a rotten banana.

I thought it was a really clever idea and I always love an excuse to use spray paint.  We did some sickly makeup when he wore it for the church trunk or treat.  Then he left his costume at school on Halloween.  He skipped trick-or-treating and stayed home to pass out candy.  

My little boy is one big banana.

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Patti said...

Nice solution to the "left my costume at school" dilemma. Halloween was a costume success!