Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Be Our (First) Guest!

We had our first house guests in our new house last month.  We even have a guest room now, so it was so nice to not have to kick Chloe out of her room and put our guests in the room closest to the train in the backyard.
Jeff's cousin Mitch's family came to visit for a baby blessing in the family.  We got to have Mitch, Kelsie, Rhett, and Ruby stay with us for a night.  We also had a pool party with them and Jeff's cousin BJ's family.

The pool was filled with cousins and uncles and first cousins once removed and it sounded like heaven.

Amanda and Kate didn't get in the pool, but Kate's new to the world so she can take her time.

There's always one dad willing to throw the kids around.  Thanks, Mitch!

Cooper and his family live just down the street.  They're the only family we have for hundreds of miles.  We got lucky.

Ruby found the diving toys absolutely delicious.

You can never have too many little boys on a floatie.

A house full of family laughing and playing: That's the dream.

Thanks for coming to play, Mitch and Kelsie!

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Patti said...

Can't wait to come laugh and play at your house!