Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Fake Graduation and Birthday!

We had an eventful Thursday this past week.  First, Chloe graduated from our preschool co-op.

The little guy on the left vomited all over lunch ten minutes after this was taken. 

Then, Harrison celebrated his fake birthday at school by bringing in cupcakes.  I used to feel bad that he has a summer birthday, but it appears he'll be getting two birthday parties a year because of it.  Whatever, dude.

Know what kids like more than cupcakes? Babies!

Later that night the theme for Cooking Club was "chocolate."  So. . . big day.

5 Wisecracks:

Jess said...

Summer birthdays are fun! Except when camps fall on your birthday. That was not quite as fun. Do you make things for your cooking club or just get recipes?

Nicole said...

Miles in a first grade classroom is almost exactly like Miles in a rest home. Everyone trying to high five him or give him questionable candy. Love it! Especially the part where that kid puked on lunch. Awesome.

melissa said...

Jess--For Cooking Club, we have a theme and everyone brings a sample of food that fits the theme. Then they give their recipes to the blogger who posts all of them. It's great because then you know what something tastes like without having to buy all of the ingredients first. We don't actually cook while we're there. Secretly it's more of an Eating Club.

Norfolk said...

how very exciting that thursday sounds. harrison is the luckiest to have two birthdays every year. you are some kind of wonderful mother.

i will be calling you for a few tutorials, if you don't mind.

Andrea Lee UptonRowley said...

Wow! Just wait till all three are old enough to keep you REALLY busy.
(but by then it will not just be three, it will be.....what....six? ha! kidding!!)
I LOVE cooking club!!! I look forward to ours every month. (because I just like to eat. There! I said it!! :))